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How the Qualification is Assessed?

This qualification is assessed by an examination with total duration of 3 hours.


  • Section 1 will be a critical evaluation of a HACCP plan in the form of a case study. Total marks available in this section are 90.
  • Section 2 is a series of 3, short answer questions relating to a change made to the HACCP plan. Total marks available in this section are 10.


HABC have created an exemplar guidance document which outlines the requirements for section 1 in more detail. Please ensure tutors are familiar with this before the course commences. If you have any queries, please contact your account manager.

Marks from both sections of the exam will be added together to determine the learner’s grade. Learners will achieve a Pass at 60% overall, a Merit at 70% and a Distinction at 80%.

Following the assessment, a list of results will be provided to the centre contacts stating whether learners have passed or failed. Certificates for successful learners will be dispatched for distribution by the centre contacts.


Guidance on Examination Time and Completion

The examination will last a total of 3 hours. HABC has recommended 2 ½ hours for section 1 and 30 minutes for section 2.

Centres must ensure that learners are aware of the mark allocation for each section within the critical review in order to structure their report and provide focus. This can be found within the introduction and brief sections with their examination which is also outlined within the exemplar document, available to download from the HABC website.

Learners are not expected to identify every issue within the case study. Examiners have been trained to recognise this and will use the mark allocation provided when awarding marks. The best marks will be allocated to those learners who can prioritise their findings and identify significant issues within a concise, structured report.